Meet the *designer* of this seasons favorite pants.

 sweatpants PARTY ANIMAL

Last year my little girl (Feije, age 3 back then) made a drawing, like she does a lot but this time I really loved the style of the drawing so I told her that I was going to use it in the next collection, I only added some headphones.
She was not really impressed or proud by the idea. But yesterday when I told her that a lot of parents bought the sweatpants or the sweater with her drawing on it for their kids, I saw she was surprised and the *really??* followed with a smile made me think there was a tiny bit of pride.
So I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up. She said, I want do do what you do. My thought was she wants to design clothing. But no, she said, I want to do photoshoots with candy. Can we do it again sometimes soon? :)

Kids draw in an amazing way, nothing is *wrong* because on paper everything can happen. People have 20 fingers and they can stand on very, very skinny legs and that’s all right!

Feije in her favorite outfit from this season: t-shirt HAWK + legging/skirt STARS

and blue sweater that she made look cool:


And our winner is:

Wow, with 300+ votes we have a winner!
There is no doubt these kids won!
Thanks so much to all contesters, where there is a winner there will be losers.
But it was great to see all of your efforts! YOU ROCK!

*Keep looking cool this winter with Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll!!*


SKULL twinning

You are not seeing in double – it’s a match.
For this summer, the SKULL sweater is not only available for the little rebels, but they also come size mom/dad!!
How cool is that?!
read about it @ weekend knack 


INK Party

SIX HUGS & ROCK ‘N ROLL celebrates the new collection with a KIDS INK PARTY!
Live music, on the spot shopping, a selfie corner, tattoo shop, popcorn(er)…#myfirstfestival
And we are releasing something NEW!

Want to join with your kid(s)?
We are giving away 5 exclusive family tickets for this event on Facebook

Check what you have to do:

SIX HUGS & ROCK 'N ROLL celebrates the new collection with a KIDS INK PARTY!Live music, on the spot shopping, a selfie…

Opslået af Six Hugs & Rock 'n Roll på 17. januar 2015


Zet het in je agenda:

Stockverkoop Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll
vrijdag 7 november 11-18u
zaterdag 8 november 11-18u

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Tot dan!!

2014 tour!

Ook dit jaar zullen we op tour gaan! Heb je Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll al online ontdekt maar zou je de producten eerst graag eens voelen & laten passen door je kleine rebellen?    Kom dan zeker eens langs op één van de volgende locaties:

25 & 26 oktober 2014 > Pop Up village, Bokrijk
22 & 23 november 2014 > De Vitrine, Brugge

18 mei 2014 > Handmade in Belgium, Genk
4 mei 2014 > Sante Boutique, Antwerpen
16 maart 2014 > Shoppaleis, Leuven
22 & 23 maart 2014  > De Vitrine, Brugge 


2014 collection expected March 15th

De 2014 Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll collectie komt eraan… half maart zal deze collectie zowel online als in de winkels te vinden zijn.

So let’s start the countdown!

Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll on tour!

Ook dit najaar gaat Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll weer op pad!
Kom zeker eens langs op één van de volgende locaties.

26/10 Bonte Fabriek – Sint-Niklaas
27/10 Bonte Fabriek – Sint-Niklaas
1/11 tem 31/12 Pop-up Gallery – Antwerpen Centraal Station
10/11 PopUpVillage Limburg – Bokrijk, Genk
11/11 PopUpVillage Limburg – Bokrijk, Genk
08/12 Markt Van Morgen – Antwerpen
14/12 Handmade-In-Belgium, Genk
15/12 Handmade-In-Belgium, Genk

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp

‘The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp’ reveals good-to-know addresses in Antwerp written by Derek Blyth, a British journalist who has lived in Belgium for more than 20 years, published by Luster.

And guess who you can find on page 236… Annechien Smolders, or Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll, as one of the 5 most promising young designers. Very honored!

Thank you so much!