Visit us @ MARKET by kleine fabriek!

To all stores:

the 9th & 10th of July, we will present our Summer 2018 collection. Come & visit us a MARKET by kleine fabriek, Amsterdam.

Stock- & sample sale!

Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll Stock- & sample sale!

0-14 y

Bolwerkstraat 24
2018 Antwerpen

woe 10/05 11u-18u
do 11/05 11u-18u
vrij 12/05 11u-14u
za 13/05 11u-14u
zo 14/05 11u-14u

cash & bancontact

Everyone is welcome! Let us know if you are coming on Facebook !



Join our wolfpack!

This summer is all about being wild, surrounded by buffalo skulls, dreamcatchers, feathers & indians, we create our own pack amoungst family & friends!

*PACK* a group of wolves that live, feed & travel together as a family group.

Create your own and share your pack with us #joinourwolfpack ??

Mieke Dierckx invites Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll!

In September we will be popping up in the flagship store of Mieke Dierckx in Knokke, Belgium. On Saturdays & Sundays you can come and check out the new collection from 12-18 o’clock @ Duindistelstraat 8.
Hopefully i will see you there!


Op zaterdag 30 april en zondag 1 mei kan je op verschillende locaties op het Eilandje komen kijken naar de toekomst van de Belgische kunst- en designwereld. De jury van De Invasie selecteerde meer dan 80 ontwerpers in verschillende disciplines – van mode en accessoires tot grafische vormgeving en interieur – waaronder Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll, die er twee dagen lang hun werk komen presenteren.

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Je vind ons in Kaai 22, Kattendijkdok 22, Antwerpen!

Belmodo Fashion Days

Stock & Sample sale Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll

Bolwerkstraat 24, 2018 Antwerpen

thursday 21 april: 16-20u
friday 22 april: 11-18u
saturday 23 april: 11-16u

Laat even weten of je komt op onze Facebook event pagina!

Check ook zeker de website van BelmodoGedurende de hele week zijn er tal van stockverkopen en op hun website vind je de hele lijst! 

The summer collection is out!

This season we are on the barricade to SAVE ROCK AND ROLL!
We honour our heroes like The Beatles, David Bowie, Joy Division, Freddie Mercury, and so on…
The cassettes reminds us of the time when we used to make mixed tapes of our favorite songs and play them over and over. In our wardrobe you will find tanktops, long dresses, short skirts, shorts, tees, sweats, hoodies and of course our favorite pants… Let the summer begin!

Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll @ kid

To all stores, buyers, bloggers & press,

From the 24th till the 26th Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll will be introducing their A/W16 collection at KID PARIS (pre-register).

Hope to meet you there!

Walrus & Vlinder ‘Het Kinderparadijs’

Op 28 en 29 november kan je een bezoekje brengen aan het Kinderparadijs van Walrus & Vlinder. Je vindt er mooie en duurzame dingen voor kinderen waaronder Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll. Daarnaast kan je er leuke workshops doen en spelen met het speelgoed van Walrus & Vlinder. Fun verzekerd! Ah ja, en sinterklaas opent elke dag de deuren!

Waar? Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen
Wanneer? 28 & 29 november van 10.00 – 18.00

Schrijf je in voor de gratis workshops, alle info @
Laat weten of je komt @

Meet the *designer* of this seasons favorite pants.

 sweatpants PARTY ANIMAL

Last year my little girl (Feije, age 3 back then) made a drawing, like she does a lot but this time I really loved the style of the drawing so I told her that I was going to use it in the next collection, I only added some headphones.
She was not really impressed or proud by the idea. But yesterday when I told her that a lot of parents bought the sweatpants or the sweater with her drawing on it for their kids, I saw she was surprised and the *really??* followed with a smile made me think there was a tiny bit of pride.
So I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up. She said, I want do do what you do. My thought was she wants to design clothing. But no, she said, I want to do photoshoots with candy. Can we do it again sometimes soon? :)

Kids draw in an amazing way, nothing is *wrong* because on paper everything can happen. People have 20 fingers and they can stand on very, very skinny legs and that’s all right!

Feije in her favorite outfit from this season: t-shirt HAWK + legging/skirt STARS

and blue sweater that she made look cool: