And our winner is:

Wow, with 300+ votes we have a winner!
There is no doubt these kids won!
Thanks so much to all contesters, where there is a winner there will be losers.
But it was great to see all of your efforts! YOU ROCK!

*Keep looking cool this winter with Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll!!*


SKULL twinning

You are not seeing in double – it’s a match.
For this summer, the SKULL sweater is not only available for the little rebels, but they also come size mom/dad!!
How cool is that?!
read about it @ weekend knack 


INK Party

SIX HUGS & ROCK ‘N ROLL celebrates the new collection with a KIDS INK PARTY!
Live music, on the spot shopping, a selfie corner, tattoo shop, popcorn(er)…#myfirstfestival
And we are releasing something NEW!

Want to join with your kid(s)?
We are giving away 5 exclusive family tickets for this event on Facebook

Check what you have to do:

SIX HUGS & ROCK 'N ROLL celebrates the new collection with a KIDS INK PARTY!Live music, on the spot shopping, a selfie…

Opslået af Six Hugs & Rock 'n Roll på 17. januar 2015


Zet het in je agenda:

Stockverkoop Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll
vrijdag 7 november 11-18u
zaterdag 8 november 11-18u

@Bolwerkstraat 24, 2018 Antwerpen

Tot dan!!

2014 tour!

Ook dit jaar zullen we op tour gaan! Heb je Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll al online ontdekt maar zou je de producten eerst graag eens voelen & laten passen door je kleine rebellen?    Kom dan zeker eens langs op één van de volgende locaties:

25 & 26 oktober 2014 > Pop Up village, Bokrijk
22 & 23 november 2014 > De Vitrine, Brugge

18 mei 2014 > Handmade in Belgium, Genk
4 mei 2014 > Sante Boutique, Antwerpen
16 maart 2014 > Shoppaleis, Leuven
22 & 23 maart 2014  > De Vitrine, Brugge 


2014 collection expected March 15th

De 2014 Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll collectie komt eraan… half maart zal deze collectie zowel online als in de winkels te vinden zijn.

So let’s start the countdown!

Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll on tour!

Ook dit najaar gaat Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll weer op pad!
Kom zeker eens langs op één van de volgende locaties.

26/10 Bonte Fabriek – Sint-Niklaas
27/10 Bonte Fabriek – Sint-Niklaas
1/11 tem 31/12 Pop-up Gallery – Antwerpen Centraal Station
10/11 PopUpVillage Limburg – Bokrijk, Genk
11/11 PopUpVillage Limburg – Bokrijk, Genk
08/12 Markt Van Morgen – Antwerpen
14/12 Handmade-In-Belgium, Genk
15/12 Handmade-In-Belgium, Genk

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp

‘The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp’ reveals good-to-know addresses in Antwerp written by Derek Blyth, a British journalist who has lived in Belgium for more than 20 years, published by Luster.

And guess who you can find on page 236… Annechien Smolders, or Six Hugs & Rock ‘n Roll, as one of the 5 most promising young designers. Very honored!

Thank you so much!

Support young designers!

De Invasie is ready for its next battlefield. They want to increase the popularity of Belgian & Dutch designers abroad. Therefor, they need to make some investments. In a new fierce web platform, but also in a new De Invasie magazine that is to be distributed in Europe.

That’s why they need you in their army. Visit and support young designers!